So tired! Because yesterday I got through the Data Structure examination,I had to relax,so I put on my computer and surfed the Internet all day long.In the afternoon,a friend of GuangZhou university came here and visited me! I was quite happy ! We went to the museum
,Although I had been there many times ,my friend was the first time to visited the museum.

         I am very hungry now because I have not yet had breakfast! I must go to canteen as soon as possible , or I will die of hungry!!!


study,exercises and the rest. It's so boring..

these are so many books,so much exercises , I really can't bear it!  I must stick on reviewing !  >_<||


Examinatiom 01/06/2008


There is an exam tomorrow! In order to pass the exam, I try my best to review the lesson,but there is so much things that I have to remember..No choice but go ahead!

I hope I can pass it ! God bless me please!!!!!!


Since the Chinese government singled out family planning as one of the

basic state policies in 1978,the country has adopted various measures and achieved great success in birth control. The total birth rate has been decreasing gradually.

However , at present, China's population is still growing very rapidly.It is reported that every year the population of this country increases by extra 15 million and China encountered a birth peak during the 1990s.It is obvious that China's economic development and the improvement of people's living standard have been and will be greatly affected by the population.

Therefore,to control population growth more strictly is clearly essential to the country's reforms and economic development . We should re-stress the importance of birth control and call on the whole nation to take more effectual measures

The library 01/04/2008

    these days I was always going to the library! I had to review the marxism lesson.I found that I didn't go to class several days . I feel a little worred that the teachers would punish me .Fortunately , the teachers didn't aware this situation.HAHA!!!

    Tonigh,I find a quite interesting website--OAF.Offical Animal Fundraiser.The cats and dogs on the picture are very lovely,and three girls Kelly ,Shelby and Ashlee,they are very kind girls ,just like the angels! I hope they can help more animals in need!


On January 7th , These is an examination waiting for me!

In order to get high marks , I have to try my best to review the lessons.So I went to the libraly to study.The weather is still cold, thanks to the free hot water in the libraly,I could rezist the bad after day , I do the same job--go through the lessons.It really bug me.I have no choise but keep doing it . I hope I can pass the exam as soon as posible, then I could really relax in the winter vacation and do the things I really like to do.

     No choice but learn!

                                 just do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Yesterday is the first day of the year 2008.I want to write

the essay yesterday , however , my computer couldn't 

connect to the Weebly website. so I miss the special day

to record my life.What a pity! Today I didn't take my

lesson because I am tired of my physics teacher.I prefer

to study myself rather than take her lessons.I went to the

library to go through my lessons.

These days the weather was so cold that I couldn't

practise my breaking dance,my hands was almost frozen.

Don't worry ! it will be OK!


After ten minuts ,  the new year will be here.

Wish my family and all my friends my best! In the 2008,

I hope I would keep studying hard , and learn Visual C++

well , because I want to be a programmer in the future.

and also I want to practise my breaking dance ! I really

want to learn TMS ! many many hopes,but I am very tied

now I want to sleep first!

good night!